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One Loop Portrait a Week - #32
Darwin Deez hovers majestically 
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humpback whales in their natural habitat before deforestation forced them into the sea

this is actually so cool


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Kathryn by Rick Ochoa
Speed Sketching 03
Dry Sharpie on paper


Wasted Rita



EXCERPTS  >|< Your Body During Adolescence (1955)

A video from Prelinger Archive.

A series of gifs excerpted from Your Body During Adolescence. Shows the seven glands that regulate human life and growth with emphasis on the pituitary and sex glands. Outlines changes that take place in the bodies of boys and girls.

Do you really know your body? From the age of 12-15, you’re basically just a rapidly expanding bag of glands (according to this video, anyway, which you can watch in full below):

Yes, it’s a funny look back in time. But sadly, 60 years later, this is still how many young people are introduced to sexual education, with sex only spoken about as a way to make babies, and adolescence only serving as a stepping stone to life as a responsible, working adult (who, of course, wants to get married and make babies). Adolescence is perhaps the most crucial period of a person’s life, in which you experiment and question and discover and change all sorts of things about your mind and body. Yes, in the end you become an adult, but instead of the mythical and somber suit/tie/apron/job/baby definition put forth in these antiquated videos, you should consider being an adult as becoming just a slightly older person who experiments and questions and discovers and changes all sorts of things about their mind and body.

For a look at how sex ed should be done, you really should be watching the Sexpalantions channel with Dr. Doe on YouTube!! Appropriately, here is her video “Sex is Not Black and White”:


Photography by Julia PeironeThe human body is so amazing and weird,

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